Apr 11, 2011
Marco Cereste
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Blog Two

The last 2 days canvassing have been great. I have been really delighted with the number of people who wanted to talk to me and discuss not just ward issues but what is going on in the city.

I was delighted with last week’s news about the additional investment in Stanground College and Orton Longueville school.  If Peterborough is to achieve the ambitious vision we have for its future, then we have to ensure that our children get the very best education they can.  Obviously a lot depends on their teachers, on their own efforts and the support of their families, but equally they need – and deserve – to have modern, high quality learning facilities.  Over the last few years we have transformed most of our secondary schools.  We have two new schools at The Thomas Deacon Academy and Voyager and another on its way at Ormiston Bushfields and major investments at the others.  With this latest announcement we can complete the programme.

What makes this even more exciting for me is that Orton Longueville was my school and that Stanground is in my Ward.  So many of the people I meet in Stanground have raised this with me and wanted to know when their school was going to get the refurbishment it needs.  It was so disappointing that we lost the money we thought we had from government last year, but this announcement puts things right.  I hope to find out more about the design plans soon and hope that we can share them more widely.

The programme of rebuilding Peterborough’s schools is having a positive impact. Last year our children achieved the city’s best ever exam results and I am pretty confident that we will have another successful year in 2011.  That said no-one is satisfied or complacent – our exam results are still below national average and we have to keep up the momentum, so that our children are getting the best, not middle of the pack, results.  And with the rapid development of our University offer in the city, we can then really start to feel that we are fulfilling our educational potential.


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