Apr 12, 2011
Marco Cereste
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Cardea Development visit

I was pleased with the outcomes of a meeting I organised today at the new South Stanground development.  Local residents had the chance to meet the chief executive of Persimmon Homes to discuss the progress of the construction and to talk through some ongoing issues.

In total there were around 12 residents with me including some from nearby Oakdale Avenue and others from Cardea itself.   For the residents of Oakdale Avenue their main concern is the proximity of the new development to their properties and in particular the fact that several Cardea residents were having to walk close to their properties.

Following discussion I think we have found a way of forward.   By bringing forward the construction of a path from the Cardea development to the main part of Stanground we should be able to address this.  The path was always in the original plans, but by listening to local people we have been able to change the timetable and address their concerns.

All this, while the new Morrissons supermarket is under way to be completed this coming autumn.

Local people also had an opportunity to have a look, first hand, at the development.  Maps were brought out to illustrate where new infrastructures that will serve the whole of Stanground, will be situated.  The new primary school, that is to be built, for example, was a part of the project that some residents showed real enthusiasm for. Some did not know about the Supported Care Living accommodations for senior citizens that are in the project.

All this in the name of the development of Stanground, so that it can grow the right way, while preserving its picturesque way of life.

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